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Tech-Up Managers Academy

04.07.23 | 09:30 am

04 july, 2023

09:30 (GMT+3)

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Tech-up managers academy

Unique training for managers in tech companies and startups

An innovative, focused and tailored management course to address the challenges of the current era. Join hundreds of managers who have upgraded their management skills and grown personally and professionally.

90% Practice, 10% Theory: Practicing management dilemmas, strength assessments, and managing heated discussions on real cases.

The meetings content:

First meeting: My strengths as a manager – identifying my unique personal management style, formulating a management role perception tailored to current challenges, receiving tools for effective and influential communication.

Second meeting: Creating team resilience and engagement – tools for motivation and engagement between employees and among them, delegation of authority, independent thinking development, tools for effective feedback.

Third meeting: Managing the management routine – personal effectiveness practices through management routines: personal meetings and team meetings, prioritization and management in unstable times, change management skills.

Fourth meeting: 360 impact – tools for understanding the broader organizational picture and creating organizational partnerships, WIN-WIN perception and conflict management.

What will you gain from the course?

• Personal development based on strengths

• A cohesive management perception

• Practical management skills and tools relevant to the present time

4 meetings, each 5 hours long, in the center of Tel Aviv.

Tuesdays during the month of July: 4.7, 11.7, 19.7, 25.7

Meeting hours: 9:30-14:30

Lecturer: Rennah Shamrut, a senior organizational consultant in the leadership and management division of AL Consultants. She specializes in personal development based on strengths and works with startups.

Course fee:

7000 ILS not including VAT

Special price for early registration (Until May 31st): 6300 ILS not including VAT

*Limited number of spots available.*

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