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Number Position: 2345

Senior Organizational Consultant

organizational strategy

Job requirements: 5 years of experience Experience in executive development and working with managements Proven experience in the high-tech and startup world Master’s degree in part-time / full-time organizational consulting

Ref. 13945

Organizational Consultant, Human Capital Division

human capital Department

We are seeking a consultant with in-depth human resources experience, including the capability to manage, guide, advise, and lead. This role will require you to establish new HR infrastructures for growing companies, accompany HR managers and departments throughout the implementation of strategic internal programs, and lead major processes related to the business aspects of human capital.

Ref. 13944

Organizational Consultant, Corporate Strategy Division

organizational strategy

We are seeking a consultant with a broad business-managerial perspective and significant experience in advising and leading strategic processes alongside the management teams of startups and hi-tech companies. In this role, you will implement groundbreaking strategic solutions within organizations and generate substantial growth for market-leading companies.

Ref. 13943

Organizational Consultant, Leadership & Management Division

organizational strategy

We are seeking a consultant with proven experience in advising and guiding both individual managers and management teams. In-depth knowledge of the hi-tech and startup sectors is a must. This role will include leading executive development courses at major Israeli businesses, enabling you to develop professionally and gain significant skills at a firm known for breaking new ground.

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