Major organizational transformation and growth management is handled by our Corporate Strategy Division. This division develops effective strategies that relate to the very heart of your business, including corporate values and culture, and enables an appropriate, custom-built internal strategy to be deployed company-wide.

Types of companies

Hi-tech companies and startups, multinational corporations, technology companies and manufacturers, financial organizations, service providers, and telecom companies.

Who is it for?

Senior human resources managers and C-suite executives.

Top products

OKR, work environment management, implementation of a hybrid work model, organizational change consulting, organizational diagnosis.

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Who We Are

AL Consultants
Strategy Division

Our services are designed to shape a dynamic organization with parts that move in perfect harmony while simultaneously driving forward the overall business strategy.

We develop a vision, strategy, and goals that together define the organization’s path to future success.

Within this context, we review the entire organizational structure, including the relationships between different aspects of the company, in order to select values, define a corporate culture, establish a code of conduct for each employee, and create a compass to guide decision-making at all levels.

From theory to practice

Strategic Flagship Products

Rolling Out OKR's – Consulting & Guidance

Successfully implement the world’s leading goal-setting framework: OKR (objectives and key results). By leveraging professional guidance and hands-on support from Israel’s most experienced expert consultants, your organization will also benefit from a significant growth accelerator. Start implementing OKR.

Transitioning to a Hybrid Work Model

Thanks to AL Consultants’ unique hybrid transformation approach, you can now seamlessly transition all departments and business units to a hybrid model, while still ensuring maximum productivity. Is your organization ready to go hybrid?

Personal Consultation for Managers

A boutique consulting firm established in 2010 by Aya Lahmi, psychologist and organizational consultant. Our firm provides customized practical solutions.

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Professional Mentors

Rolling Out OKR in an Organization

An in-depth discussion of the most strategic, effective way to achieve large-scale organizational goals.

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