Leadership & Management Division

Our Leadership & Management Division is responsible for developing training processes and tools designed to hone management skills, increase managerial awareness, develop executive talent, and connect an organization’s goals to the work of its leaders.

Types of companies

Hi-tech companies and startups, multinational corporations, technology companies and manufacturers, financial organizations, service providers, and telecom companies.

Who is it for?

Managers at all levels – junior managers, middle management, and senior executives.

Top products

Executive Development Course, Global Executive Development Course, Executive Teamwork, Hybrid Management Skills, Mentoring Course – The Manager as Mentor, Personal Guidance for Managers.

leadership and management

Who We Are

AL CONSULTANTS – Leadership & Management Division

The Division’s services focus on providing an innovative, relevant, hands-on solution for all managers at any developmental crossroads. 

We have created unique, customized executive development programs that will strengthen the backbone of the organization in an era of change. 

We will provide managers with the in-depth practical management tools they need to overcome the challenges of the modern workplace: managerial courage, broad managerial perceptions, employee retention and engagement practices, awareness of employee growth and development, communication and feedback tools, and more.

From theory to practice

Strategic Flagship Products

Executive Development Course

A practical training course that provides young managers with the tools and skills they will need to effectively manage and motivate teams, customized to suit the needs of the organization and the current period. Discover the leading executive development course in Israel.

Global Executive Development Course

Professional development sessions that enables all managers within a company to gain the skills and competencies needed to achieve cross-cultural management of a decentralized team and align with head office in Israel. Manage effectively, even when your team members are thousands of miles apart.

Executive Teamwork

Through a focused process, we will create a leading senior management team with a shared vision and cohesive role perception. During the sessions, we will work to reinforce transparency, establish trust, manage conflicts, and create common working norms. Enable continued growth by developing a healthy management infrastructure.

The Manager as Mentor Course

A unique program intended for experienced and senior executives, combining innovative tools for enhancing participants’ managerial perceptions with hands-on experience using training tools, and a condensed training process involving colleagues and the course facilitator.

Hybrid Management Skills Course

Focused workshops designed to strengthen core skills like managing decentralized teams, delivering feedback, and sharing practical tools for effective remote communication.

Personal Guidance for Managers

Personally customized one-on-one counseling sessions for individual professional development. Learn more about our executive training programs.

Leadership Capsules

In this unique format, managers focus their time on a single significant leadership challenge. This exceptional learning experience combines frontal instruction with knowledge absorption through a variety of asynchronous experiences and channels.

Challenge Focused Mini Course

Three short sessions focused on the most burning issue for managers within the organization. This format allows for personal, hands-on learning regarding a constantly evolving topic.

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Professional Mentors

Decentralized Management in a Global Organization

How to lead a successful management team in a global organization: all the tools you need to effectively implement remote collaborative work while maintaining synchronization and employee engagement.

Human Resources Management in a Global Organization

Increasing engagement in the face of decentralization, creating effective remote working relationships, helping to develop a management concept at various locations, and more.

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