Yael Shemmer

Yael develops and nurtures the most valuable resource any company can have – its people. She is an expert in developing, guiding, and consulting for CEOs and senior executives, and in building and supporting HR departments based on a people-first concept. This enables her to instill values and provide guidance directed at achieving the organization’s business goals. Yael is immersed in Israeli and global labor law and has an inspiring ability to resolve conflicts, thereby streamlining internal organizational work. She believes that it is managers’ duty to plan, observe, support, advise, and develop the people within the organization, and helps them to do just that. After crossing continents for her master’s degree, Yael decided to stick around in the United States for another 12 years. She brings this same instinctive curiosity, love of challenges, and resilience in the face of change to every encounter. Yael is a labor lawyer with an LLM in Law and an MA in International Labor Law & Dispute Resolution from the ILR School at Cornell University.

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