Tair Schur

Organizational consultant with vast experience in accompanying managers at all levels, individually and collectively. An expert in the processes related to the psychology of the organization and the people within it and believes that they are the key to organizational growth. Tair has extensive experience in leading groups, personal consulting for managers, and accompanying strategic processes.

Tair has led social initiatives and worked with governmental, social and public organizations. She believes that organizations have the responsibility and power to change and positively influence society.

Has an M.A. (with honors) in behavioral and organizational development and a B.A. (with honors) in behavioral sciences. These days she is finishing another M.A. in clinical psychology of the adult.

Tal is always abundant with creative ideas, she loves interesting and challenging occasions, and living the good life. She believes in people’s ability to influence their lives and their environment through passion for achievements and people. Any organization can succeed – is her moto, which makes meetings with Tal, optimistic, personal and different.

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