Rolling Out OKR’s Consulting & Guidance

By helping you to successfully implement OKR (Objectives & Key Results), the world’s leading goal-setting framework, our experts will drive significant growth in your organization. When you choose AL Consultants as partners in your OKR rollout, you ensure added value alongside a proven, holistic response to the organization’s needs.

What do we bring to the table?

For great results, you need to follow the right path

Step by Step

step 01.

Diagnosing the Corporate Culture / OKR Integration Status – Determining the organization’s goals, references, and needs.

step 02.

Selecting Key Points for Progress & Reinforcement – Scheduling consultations and relevant OKR workshops, in line with the implementation phase.

step 03.

Creating Customized Work Routines – Establishing practical conduct guidelines in order to effectively apply the OKR framework.

step 04.

Quarterly Process Monitoring – In terms of accuracy, improvement, and meeting defined goals.

And there’s more

Professional Materials

OKR Webinar – What is this OKR framework everyone’s talking about? Why is it more relevant today than ever before?

An in-depth discussion of the most strategic, effective way to achieve large-scale organizational goals.

What do Google, Intel, Twitter, and Salesforce have in common? They all use the OKR framework for goal setting and management.

Their word is their bond

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