Noa Kerrem-Gilo

Noa is a senior organizational consultant and the head of our Research & Development Division. She helps organizations and individuals to develop and produce customized solutions based on each organization’s knowledge, experience, and culture. Noa achieves this through the use of her own innovative approaches and various creative, methodological, and analytical planning tools. She is constantly on the lookout for the latest HR expertise and works hard to apply this expertise to the issues that most concern the client. Happiness for her is the moment she cracks an especially tough problem and everything clicks – there’s nothing better than seeing a person’s face as the penny drops, and she would love to solve puzzles 24/7. Even though Noa’s a deep sleeper, from the moment she gets up she’s already on full power. She holds an MSc in Organizational Consulting & Development, with honors, from Tel Aviv University and is also a group facilitator.

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