naama kella mendels​

Senior organizational consultant. Naama specializes in leading characterization processes, development, and implementation of organizational and instructional processes in diverse content worlds. She has rich experience with leading innovation, managing and implementing processes and technologies in healthcare organizations. Naama provides guidance to startups and had conducted hundreds of workshops for teams and managers. She professionalized in effective communication skills in stressful and emergencies, using simulation as a tool to improve organizational processes and learning, director training, conflict management, and more. Naama not only conducts the corporate orchestra, but she is also a mezzo-soprano singer who believes that maintaining a synchronized rhythm and harmony in working together is the key to long-term success.


Has an MA in consulting and organizational development, a BA in political science, and a graduate of a directors course.

Leader in

Executive Development & Consulting Processes

Consulting for CEOs & Senior Executives

Internal Strategy Processes

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