Michal Apter Alon

Michal is an organizational consultant specializing in guiding processes of employee engagement and employee retention within organizations. With extensive experience in organizational change across diverse industries, she excels in areas such as customer experience, data analysis, and technology implementation, particularly in complex projects. 

By integrating her background in psychology and business, Michal recognizes that people are at the heart of every endeavor. She believes that understanding the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of employees and customers is paramount when initiating projects and driving change. In her leisure time, she dedicates herself to Pilates and yoga, fostering mental agility that she brings to each project. Michal’s expertise lies in crafting mutually beneficial solutions that optimize outcomes for organizations, employees, and customers.

Michal holds a MA degree in Social Psychology with distinction, specializing in behavioral economics and decision-making. She is a certified personal coach with a psychological approach from Tel Aviv University.

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