Liad Krimberg

Liad is a senior business and marketing consultant, as well as the director of our Employer Branding Unit. She specializes in helping organizations build effective business and marketing strategies, define their needs, and create plans designed to accomplish their goals and objectives. Liad believes that optimal tactics start with the right strategy, and therefore looks to research and analysis as the foundation of every process. She combines this data with groundbreaking creativity to reach defined targets. Breaking boundaries is part of Liad’s professional DNA, so it may not surprise you to learn that she was the first woman ever to embark on a 24-hour patrol cruise onboard an Israeli Navy submarine. Since then, her voyages have taken her to many different far-flung locations, where she has managed marketing and branding processes for some of the world’s largest organization. Liad holds an MBA with a specialization in Marketing.

Senior Business & Marketing Consultant, Employer Branding Unit Director

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