Leadership Resilience Sprint

Empowering Managers in Times of Uncertainty: Practical, Challenge-Focused Leadership Workshops Leading teams during crises, building team confidence and stability. Maximizing tools in minimal time

What do we bring to the table?

For great results, you need to follow the right path

Step by Step

step 01.

Focused and Concise Assessment – A questionnaire for selecting topics and three diagnostic interviews to identify the most pressing challenges and the management layer worth investing in right now

step 02.

Lean Practical Workshops – Three meetings covering three burning topics tailored to the organization’s needs:

  • Management in Stressful and Demanding Situations

  • Managerial Adoption and Handling Tough Conversations

  • The Manager’s Role in Building Connectedness and Resilience

step 03.

HR Wrap-Up Conversation – Recommendations and tools on how to support the continued implementation of the tools even after the course

And there’s more

Professional Materials

3 tips for managing global teams

Innovative solutions for contemporary management skills

Help them grow – how to turn “surviving” managers into meaningful mentors?

Their word is their bond

Client Testimonials


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