Hybrid Management Skills

Focused sessions intended to equip managers with the tools they need to manage effectively in a hybrid work environment. This will enable the organization to utilize the hybrid work model effectively and create a fertile basis for employee development, improved engagement, and enhanced organizational effectiveness.

What do we bring to the table?

For great results, you need to follow the right path

Step by Step

step 01.

Initial Diagnosis – Carrying out personal surveys and interviews with the participating managers, HR manager, and other key people in order to identify needs and gain an overall picture of the current situation.

step 02.

Building a Unique Course – We adapt hands-on exercises and training content to the results of the initial diagnosis stage, as well as to the organization’s management principles.

step 03.

Course Sessions – 4 practical sessions, in which managers will handle work plans for hybrid management, establishing independence through output management, decentralized management of group work, messaging, and internal communication.

step 04.

Summary & Conclusions – Reflecting on conclusions drawn from the process and making effective recommendations that can be put into practice through organizational work processes.

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Professional Materials


Aya Lahmi welcomes Einat Lehem-Livnat (VP HR, Imperva), who discusses the hybrid transition process she is leading within her organization.

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