Evaluation & Feedback

Setting up and/or improving a modern organizational feedback process customized to the organization’s needs, promoting effective management and communication while enhancing employee retention and engagement.

What do we bring to the table?

For great results, you need to follow the right path

Step by Step

step 01.

Strategically building the feedback / performance evaluation process – Moving forward from the current situation, with the goal of building an outline for the process with adapted evaluation tools.

step 02.

Communicating the process – Developing a communication plan and communication tools customized to suit the goals of the process as well as organizational values.

step 03.

Holding tutorials / training sessions for staff and managers – Creating suitable workshops and lectures, alongside user guides for managers.

step 04.

Managing the feedback / performance evaluation process – Accompanying the organization’s HR team until full implementation is achieved.

And there’s more

Professional Materials

Pleasant, Pain-Free Feedback – How the Green Invoice company transformed awkward feedback and evaluation processes into a fun, yet effective game.

Giving Employees Effective Feedback in 6 Simple Steps

Webinar: Various organizational feedback processes

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